The Game

Farts & Fairies is a high octane, totally out of control fart battle.

To win, you must outfart your family to become the 'Survivor of the Fartest'.

This punny card game features the Queens of Farts, Farta Christmas, Tea Farties and Fartomic Bombs.


For every game sold, we donate one to a child in hospital... Because farts are funny and laughter is the best medicine!


How to Play


Surprise Farty

Expansion Deck

More Players. More Cards.

More Fun.

Featuring Cleofartra, Bumbalina,

Fumesday, King Tootankhamin,

and Choc Chip Guffins

Adults Only

Expansion Deck

Because Why Should Kids

Have All The Fun?

Featuring Shlong John Silver,

The Hairy Godmother,

Shart Infested Waters and

Drag Queefs.

Play Mat

Because Every Fart War

Needs a Play Mat.

Neoprene Play Mat with

Deck Pile, Discard Pile

and Characters.


Why Farts & Fairies you ask?

When I was seven, I lost my Dad to cancer and instantly grew up.

I forgot how to have fun and took on responsibilities well beyond my years.

My childhood was filled with sadness and all I craved was to laugh and have fun with my family.

And that's why Farts & Fairies was created.

It's a game Dan needed as a child, as laughter is a vital part of a child's development.

It improves self-esteem, reduces anxiety and depression, and helps children adapt better to stress, trauma and tragedy.

So here's to laughing on the kitchen table and farting on your family.

Dan, Fart Chief @ Farts & Fairies

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